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BCI Radio's Hockey Postseason Special On Tuesday

Banter upon banter upon banter - 8 PM on Tuesday night!

Boston College hockey is in its best time of year - trophy season! That means that BCI Radio needs to make sure we're bantering about our favorite time of year - hockey during trophy season! Grant and Joe will bring their banter to the airwaves one more time as I host them in another hour-plus "Pardon the BC Interruption" special for the Hockey East playoffs.

Are the women coming home from Hyannis with the Hockey East trophy in tow? Are the men hosting BU in the first round? Is Jerry York's sweater vest getting primed and pressed for Conte Forum? These are all the questions that need to be asked and need to be spoken for.

We'll talk hockey, and we'll take your calls. You honestly never know what might happen. Last time, a certain humble genius had his daughter call in, and we had one of our best callers to date talking about the team while he was sitting in sunny Naples, FL. Feel up to the challenge? Then YOU should call in and talk to us and make us hear your thoughts about BC's postseason chances.

So stay tuned for more details. It's the most wonderful time of the year for BC hockey. And that means it's banter time on BCI Radio.