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Pardon the BC Interruption: Donahue Fired. LIVE at 8 PM

Steve Donahue is fired. BCI Radio Show discusses live at 8 PM. So tune in, voice your opinion, and let us know what's running through your head.

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This has been a rough few days for us as Boston College fans, but we got some clarity today as Steve Donahue was relieved of his duties as basketball coach.  Tune in tonight at 8 PM as we discuss the firing and its downstream implications.

We'll have guests and your calls as we talk about the following topics:

-The biggest issue going so far - Steve Donahue's firing and how the heck it took so long to get here.  CoachJF joins in the show for his first appearance in some time, and we'll talk about what led BC to get to this point.  We'll talk about the decision making process in the firing, and we'll talk about the next steps for BC.

-Earlier this year, we talked about potential candidates for the spot.  But ultimately, we'll need to talk about what needs to happen for BC to get back on the right track and how long it'll take.

-We'll also talk about the last week and what it presents for BC.  Yes, the Eagles reportedly fired their coach, but after a week of stories and inaction by the athletic department, what does that display?

-After what happened during football season, Brad Bates and the BC athletic department built up substantial amounts of goodwill.  The last week was indicative, though, of some cracks within the last week as it took the Eagles a long time to fire Donahue.  It manifested itself with social media exploding in a fit of anger.  Here's your chance to weigh in on BC's procedures this week, and more importantly, here's your chance to voice how things should go for BC athletics moving forward.

8 PM FOLKS!  Let it all out!

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