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BCI Radio Show: Now With More Tuesday Anger

Donahue, Men's Hockey against Notre Dame, Women's Hockey Against Clarkson. Let the rage consume you and turn to the dark side. 8 PM Tuesday starts the fun.

Streeter Lecka

Since the BC Interruption Radio show kicked off this fall, it's been multiple feel good stories after multiple feel good stories. Football season went great, and Andre Williams was a Heisman Trophy finalist. Even the blowout loss to Arizona didn't really hurt all that bad because we'd set our expectations so low. That led to a winter season of Johnny Hockey, Jerry York, and men's hockey doing men's hockey things. We even had women's hockey winning pretty much everything in sight for a little while.

This will not be that kind of show.

Steve Donahue is looking to be retained as the Boston College basketball coach. The men's ice hockey team didn't even make the Garden this year in what's heralded as their trophy season, and the women's team failed to win both Hockey East or a single game in the tournament, losing to Clarkson. All of this adds up to what might be the first truly angry show we have.

Are we angry at the players? No. Are we angry at the efforts of these college kids to represent their school? Absolutely not. But we're angry. Angry at everything. Like a Southie kid at about 3 PM during the St. Patrick's Day Parade, we're back to being miserable and contrite.

So let your anger flow. Let it consume you. We'll have a great show lined up because we won't be sugar coating anything at this stage of the game. The hockey team still has a chance at the national championship, and they'll most likely be a #1 seed in the tournament anyways, but do you want to talk about the disappointment of not even making the semis? Let's do it. You want to talk about the basketball program and their inability to do anything this year? Let's do it. You want to admonish the administration? Hey, we'll even do that if you want.

So tune in on Tuesday. Some great guests are lining up, including the potential return of the CoachJF segment (the greatest segment in all of radio). The show kicks off at 8 PM, and it's going to be a doozy.