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Hockey Banter, Week XVIII: BCI Radio Special Edition

This week's Hockey Banter takes the form of a special BCI Radio edition. Get pumped.

BCI Radio is back from its short hiatus, and there's no better time like the present to talk about the men's and women's ice hockey teams. With the women steamrolling into the Hockey East playoffs and the men doing what they normally do around this time of year - win - it's time for us to recognize them with an hour-plus long special of banter, talk, and amazing discussion.

Tune in tonight as we discuss the following topics:

-BC men's ice hockey heading into their last weekend hasn't lost since their Thanksgiving game against Holy Cross. Over that time, they've gone 17-0-2. What's the major cause for their path of destruction, and what do they have to keep doing as they get set to wrap up their year with a single game against Notre Dame?

-What's the Hockey East playoff picture going to look like in its only year of 11 teams? Where are the upset potentials and what are the possible matchups for the Eagles in the second round - which ones do we like, which ones do we not like?

-The women wrapped up a 25-win season this past weekend, finishing with less than five league losses and running away with the conference regular season championship. What can we expect from the Hockey East postseason, and what should Eagle fans be paying attention to, especially as Alex Carpenter won silver with gutsy performances for the USA national program.

-Recruiting! It's never too early to talk about next year. So we'll talk about the Eagle classes coming in next year and how the tradition of excellence can continue as the bar continues to get raised higher and higher for the Boston College ice hockey programs.

-Your calls! Call in and talk to Dan, Grant, and Joe as we banter about the hockey program. It's all hockey all the time this week, so tune in and enjoy!

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