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BCI Radio Returns Next Week

#DropBCIRadio failed, but since the endowment and the land existed, we're going to build a brand new multi-purpose BCI Radio Dome next week.

So I was on my way to do the show a couple weeks ago for the National Signing Day, but AJ told me to meet him beforehand at the 9th green at 9 PM to discuss the recruits. Then this happened:


So we canceled the last show, disposed of the body, and are now eagerly looking forward to the return of BCI Radio. That's right. It's back! So break out the gold jackets and get ready for the exclusive home for all things BC related since it's back on Tuesday at 8 PM.

It'll be more of a hockey-centric show, coming off the Olympics and all, and there's going to be plenty to talk about. The men are Hockey East regular season champions, which means virtually nothing other than we get to call them regular season champions. The women are also regular season champions, and BC Eaglettes brought home some medals from the tournament in Sochi. That means we'll have lots to talk about in way of the directions of the program (which always seem to be trending up), and we'll get to break down the playoff scenarios and matchups.

It also means the return of Grant, which will make for compelling radio because #GrantSucks.

Not only will Grant be joining us, but we're going to make this show so epic, it'll be banter upon banter. Wait, banter you say? I think we'll need to put Joe Grav on the line then, too. Try not to get too excited and do this:


The only way to describe this show is "too long, didn't listen." Joe Grav! Grant! New Guy! YOUR CALLS!

Got a topic you want us to discuss? Leave a comment below. And stay tuned for when we get closer to the show for our more formalized agenda of topics. BCI RADIO IS BACK BABAY!