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BCI Radio Returns Next Tuesday!

We'll have Beanpot talk, National Signing Day, and your calls! Plus, enter to win the chance at a $25 gift card from Cityside Bar in Boston!

Chris Kreider is SHOCKED that BCI Radio is getting bigger and better.
Chris Kreider is SHOCKED that BCI Radio is getting bigger and better.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Just because there isn't BCI Radio this week doesn't mean you can't get excited for our next live new show! We return next week to discuss the Beanpot and National Signing Day at a special new hour of 8 PM on Tuesday, February 4th!

Our show will fall right in between two of our favorite days on the athletics calendar. Boston College plays BU the day before our show in the first round of the Beanpot, while NSD takes place the next day. We'll have analysis of the game itself, a discussion about the Beanpot tournament and who could take home the trophy at the Garden on February 10th. And we'll look at the guys signing to come to BC next season, some of the recruiting coups, and where BC still has work left with their future efforts.

We'll have special guests from the BCI family, and you never know who will call in. Also, we'll be taking YOUR calls once again with a special caveat. One lucky caller or tweeter will be able to win a $25 gift card to Cityside Bar in Boston. That's right - we're giving you the chance to win a gift card to Cityside, located right on Beacon St. in Brighton near the Cleveland Circle T stop. But the only way to win is to listen live and interact with the BC family!

It's our biggest, grandest show yet! So tune in, and GO EAGLES!