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BCI Radio Archived Shows Now Available

Miss a show? No worries. You can look back and see where I was wrong, where we were wrong, and how badly we predicted things to happen on live radio before it happened.

Four shows are in the books, and if you missed a chance to listen to our football, hockey, basketball, and recruiting analysis, fear not! BC Interruption's radio show is archived on Blog Talk Radio for your listening pleasure. Take a listen at any of our shows by clicking here and visiting our home page.

We had a great show last night with plenty of callers, and it turned into a pure BCI party with Coach, 74, AJ, and Brian calling in. Coach provided us with one of the greatest segments of sports talk radio you'll listen to, and if you missed it, you'll have the chance to listen to him wax poetic and give us educated speculation about the direction and future of the BC basketball program.

Our next show is in 2 weeks on January 28th, and we already have a great show lining up. National Signing Day is right around the corner, and we'll be in full Beanpot mode by the time it rolls around.