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Grant Salzano jumped at the chance to cover men's and women's ice hockey for BC Interruption in 2011.

A 2010 graduate of Boston College, he immediately found himself in the front row of the student section at men's hockey games as a freshman and has been dedicated to the program ever since. He could often be found attempting to sneak his pocket trumpet into opponents' arenas and once went to a BC men's hockey series in Fredericton, New Brunswick in January without bringing a jacket.

His love of BC men's hockey is equaled by his love for the women's program. Grant and his college roommate, Joe Gravellese, attended a game at Providence College their freshman year and rarely missed a game after Allie Thunstrom punched a Friar in the face that fateful afternoon. He is proud to have once taken a 36 hour Greyhound bus trip to Minneapolis to watch women's hockey.

Like all Eagles, Grant also loves BC football, and is happy to watch BC basketball but only until the fouls start happening. His other interests include North Korea, Microsoft Excel, searching for travel deals, and rapprochement with Iran.

Grant and his wife Alexandria currently reside in Madison, CT.

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