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Boston College Football Roundtable: Which Players Will Benefit The Most From Extra Practice Time?

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Today's question is with an extra 15 practices leading up to the bowl game, which Boston College players will most benefit from the extra practice time?

Grant: The obvious answer to this question is the Andre Williams is going to have a chance to get a significant amount of time to rest up. More than anything, that's the biggest benefit to having '15 extra practices,' because Andre Williams shouldn't touch another human being in all 15 of them.

Otherwise I would say Chase Rettig -- not because he'll 'develop' any more, but because I think we're going to see quite a bit of fun stuff come out of the play book.

New Guy: I think Andre Williams is benefitting the most individually, if only because of his injury during the Syracuse game. There's no doubt in our mind that AW44 is going to play at top form, and I don't think we'd have that thought if they played right after the Syracuse game. But the rest, the relaxation, the ability to decompress and compartmentalize through final exams - this will be a very relaxed BC team coming in without many of the worries that were around them all season. Given the grind at the end of the year, you can't put a premium on that rest for anyone. Chase Rettig, the O-Line, the D-Line, the linebackers, and a secondary that got absolutely torched by Syracuse - they all benefit.

Coach: With BC I think it's more about rest and recuperate than benefiting at all from practice time. BC is one of the most senior laden teams in the country and those key players have been on the field a lot in 2013. Getting KPL, Andre and Chase some rest will do them good. If any area can be helped, it has to be the secondary. The more reps that they all get there, the better.

A.J. - I have to agree with Grant here and say that Chase Rettig will benefit the most along with his receivers. Obviously the offensive line and running game is clicking on all cylinders, but it would be huge for Chase to get some more time to work with his receivers especially Spiffy Evans/Harrison Jackson and the tight ends. Just that added practice might give him a few more offensive plays to work with that maybe the team couldn't put together during the season.

On the defensive side of the ball, I just hope the extra time gives the secondary some time to improve on technique. They were a hot mess against Syracuse, and I would love to see them magically improve their technique. Because you know it's Christmas time and all.

Brian: Other than Williams getting extra time to heal, I've got to go with Spiffy Evans here. Evans returned for the Syracuse game after breaking his clavicle in the North Carolina game. At the time, the injury was thought to be season-ending. BC really missed its dynamic punt return man in the four games he missed to injury (Virginia Tech, New Mexico State, North Carolina, Maryland). Evans is averaging 11.85 yards per punt return in 2013, including a pair of solid returns in the Eagles' 48-34 loss to Florida State. Over the four games Evans missed, BC averaged 5 yards per return with several punts just rolling for even worse starting field position.

In a matchup of two similar teams with similar strengths, the bowl game could very well come down to field position and BC's special teams are better off when Spiffy is back there returning punts.