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Heisman Candidate Andre Williams Featured On ESPN's College Gameday

ESPN features segment on #Andre44Heisman

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This morning the #Andre44Heisman campaign continued to kick into high gear with a taped ESPN College Gameday segment hosted by Todd McShay:

The segment was pretty incredible and showed Andre as everything we would want as a Boston College student athlete. He seemed smart and humble, writing a philosophical memoir on his life. He appeared dedicated, talking about his work as a student athlete and teacher assistant. And he showed great pride in Boston College talking about how much this award would mean for the university.

Make sure to watch the video, and ignore Desmond Howard at the end, his "I haven't heard of him before this season therefore he doesn't deserve it" argument fell mostly on deaf ears. Kirk Herbstreit and the other analysts systematically shot down Howard's nonsense with facts and research.

Congratulations to the BC Athletics department and the folks over at ESPN for putting this segment together. There were some great moments as well with Alex Amidon and Head Coach Steve Addazio.  It was a very cool moment, and a great way to highlight one of the best players in the country.