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The BCI Bracket Challenge: Enter For A Chance To Win $50 To BC Bookstore

Want to win some free money?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

BC is clearly not in the tournament this year, but there is still that one big reason to follow the trek to the Final Four. Your bracket! This year to give you a little incentive, BCI and Vox Media was given $50 a site for a bracket challenge presented by Yahoo!. The rules are pretty simple, make a bracket before opening tip-off, follow along, and if you win, we will mail a $50 gift card to the bookstore. Here is how to join:

1. Go to and Log in.

2. Join the group "BC Interruption" located here

3. Make Picks.

4. Follow, if you win, contact us and we will mail you the gift card!

Please note that all participants are subject to the official rules BCI Bracket Rules . If you have any questions contact us, and make sure to post your pool name in the comment section. Good luck!