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Boston College 66, Georgia Tech 65: Jim Christian, Olivier Hanlan and Patrick Heckmann Post-Game Press Conference Transcript

Read what the head basketball dude, Hanlan and Heckmann had to say following BC's 66-65 win over Georgia Tech.

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

COACH CHRISTIAN: I thought it was just an unbelievably hard‑fought basketball game. It's what conference tournaments are like at every level. I thought they came out really ready to play, Georgia Tech. Had a great game plan and rebounded the ball extremely well. But the resiliency of our team the last three weeks is what I'm really proud of. I've said it before, especially the seniors, they're helping me change the culture of this program day‑by‑day, because they just continue to compete, fight, stay together and obviously at the end of the game, put the ball in the hands of a special player and he makes a play and you're lucky enough to win the game.

As I told our team you don't have to play great to advance in conference tournaments. You just have to advance.

Q. Coach, is there anything from your first meeting with Carolina that you learned that you might be able to take into the next game?

COACH CHRISTIAN: I think we weren't the same team we are now either. So I think obviously they really hurt us in the paint. Just like Georgia Tech did today.

We have to fix that. It was really impressive the first time we played them is a guy like Hicks who had not started I don't think until that time. And he seized his opportunity. I talked to the whole team about it. He stayed ready and worked incredibly hard and when he got his opportunity. The shots he was hitting—they were not easy shots. They were 12‑foot jump hooks.

They score the ball in the interior from a lot of different ways. So obviously it's a lot similar to the way Georgia Tech played. We have to keep them off the backboard and try to neutralize them.

And obviously we have to have some energy left. When you play a game like this, it's kind of draining. So we've got to get ready to go.

Q. Olivier, tell me just about what it is about playing Tech you always seem to bring your best against those guys.

OLIVIER HANLAN: I try to approach every game just being physical. But I think we match up good against them in terms of guards and especially me, just matching up and just trying to get easy looks. And obviously Coach Christian has been doing a pretty good job of trying to get, trying to get me easy looks on offense and just different looks because Georgia Tech is obviously not the first time they've played me. So they're kind of getting used to me. I started the game a little slow. But I just try to bring it every day.

Q. Olivier, you've played in the ACC tournament before, obviously. Does today still feel like an ACC tournament game the smaller crowd and all that, or will it like tomorrow feel like the tournament's really getting started for you?

OLIVIER HANLAN: It's like a new season. Everybody is on the same terms of everybody's 0‑0, but definitely tomorrow playing against UNC and UNC being so close, definitely feel like a road game but definitely feel like a pretty good ACC tournament game.

Q. Coach, Kennedy Meeks will be out tomorrow but it will be still be a tall task playing Carolina especially here in Greensboro. How are you going to contain them in the post? You struggled that a bit today?

COACH CHRISTIAN: We did struggle. We had been much better as of late in our post defense but I felt we gave up too much deep position today. We're letting them, the catches were getting into the post too early, when we trapped the post it was late. So we'll probably have to watch some film and see how we need to adjust that and just try—and again it's a tall task. We're not very deep up front, not much size. I think we have to work harder than we did today. We let them take the fight to us.

As much as it was post‑ups it was offensive rebounding that hurt us tonight. A couple times in the post but more it was, like, I thought their second effort to the ball was greater than ours and we can't let that happen.

Q. What was the thought process when you guys were down 6 with a minute and a half to go, and Olivier, what did you see on your shot? Could you walk me through that sequence for you?

OLIVIER HANLAN: We set a double ball screen from the wing and the whole game the guard that was guarding me was staying with me but for some reason they switched it and I think I had Sampson on me and I immediately recognized it and just tried to attack him like I was going to the basket and I hit him with a step‑back, just to create space, and had to shoot over.

Q. Patrick, your thoughts when you were down 6?

PATRICK HECKMANN: We have to play on offense like we did all game. We had to get some stops. We were getting looks. Coach was giving us good plays to run and we just had to execute and get some rebounds on defense.

Q. Patrick, the last several weeks you guys have strung some wins together and really played a lot better. What in your mind has been different, what are you guys doing a little bit better?

PATRICK HECKMANN: I think believing in us now when we go into every game. We know we can win and we've proven that. We've shown character. And I think now everything's come together a little more and that's what's helping us.

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