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Boston College And Penn State To Renew Football Series?

Incoming recruit hints at possible 2016 matchup

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

One of BC's biggest incoming recruits has hinted at a possible renewal of the BC vs. Penn State football series.

The tweet suggests that the game could be in 2015 or 2016, though 2016 makes more sense. BC is currently overbooked for the 2015 season, and only has UMass and Buffalo on the slate for 2016. Penn State is currently in need of a fourth out-of-conference opponent for both seasons. In addition, both schools only have two opponents for the 2017 season -- so a 1 for 1 would work well.

While this is obviously far from confirmed, this could be just the game the Elon-haters of the world have been waiting for. The Nittany Lions will also still be recovering from sanctions, which might give BC the smallest bit of an edge in a possible series.

Penn State has owned BC over the years, running up a 19-4 record since the teams first met in 1949, but the Eagles have won the last three contests in '92, '03, and '04, including a thumping in Happy Valley in 2003 that saw BC go up 21-0 in the first quarter and never look back.

Fun fact: The blogfather met his wife at the last BC vs. PSU game. Awww, blogfather!

This would be Brad Bates' first real scheduling power move while at the helm. Despite some residual uneasiness some fans might have in playing Penn State after the recent events in Happy Valley, it would be a fantastic addition to the schedule for the Eagles.