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This DudeGuy Wants You To Sign His Petition To Force Alabama To Play Boston College


John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Tired of scheduling the Elons of the world? Don't want to play Penn State because of "recent events"? We may have a solution for you.

I like to think that this is what you would get if 74 never left the Commonwealth.

This Dudeguy from Reveah or Dawchestah (or something like that, probably) really wants you to sign his petition (which as far as I can tell doesn't actually exist, since he didn't link to it in the description of his YouTube video) that will persuade -- nay, force! -- The Crimson Tide (Roll Tide) to play BC on the gridiron.

Some of the finer points of his video:

  • All yous guys should sign the petition
  • Alabama (Roll Tide) is avoiding BC because of BC's wins over BAMA (Roll Tide) in the 80's
  • COWARDS!!!!!!!
  • They should play us in a scrimmage game?
  • Tell yaw mudda, yaw fadda, yaw neighbizz, and everyone else to sign the petition (that doesn't exist). Gabish?

I will say, BC does rock a 3-1 record against BAMA (Roll Tide) all-time, including a healthy 3-game winning streak, so they probably are afraid to play BC. I don't blame them; would you want to line up against Star Andre?

Andre Williams is gone but I think all BC fans can agree that the Crimson Tide (Roll Tide) are COWARDS! for not signing up to play BC. None of this scrimmage game nonsense, though. I can only imagine Big Jon was just overexcited and meant to call for a regular season contest.

So I'm calling on all BC fans to take action. Sign a petition, somewhere, which will force Alabama to play the Eagles. Maybe Alabama (Roll Tide) is afraid that the loss would knock them out of the 4-team playoff. But if Alabama (Roll Tide) wants to be taken seriously as a major power, they should add BC to the schedule.

EDIT: Turns out there is a petition after all... you can go here to sign to make those Crimson Tides (Roll Tides) play a real team.