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ACC Commissioner John Swofford On Three Divisions: "Not Something We Are Discussing"

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Not a big surprise, but nothing is changing....for now.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Last week reports announced that the NCAA would be deregulating conference championships by the year 2016. Specifically the writer alludes to the Big 12 and the ACC as the two teams who would be most effected by the change. As we mentioned before the B12 needs this to happen, they need a conference championship and with only ten teams the current regulations don't allow for that.

Now the ACC on the other hand is a more interesting case. Speculation was that the ACC was going to move to three divisions, which would allow for the top two teams to play for the championship every season, let's call it the Clemson rule as they have been the bridesmaid to FSU for the past two seasons, but were arguably the second best team in the conference.

Well ACC commissioner John Swofford squashed the rumors of the three divisions yesterday.

"Our purpose behind initiating that discussion was really not about anything specific we would necessarily do, but based on the whole deregulation of a number of NCAA issues in recent years," Swofford told "We said over and over again that doesn't mean we would necessarily change anything within our own league.

He further went on to clarify the divisions theory stating it is "not something we're discussing at all at this point. It just isn't." Seems pretty cut and dry that the ACC won't be changing anything soon. But I appreciate that Swofford at the caveat "at this point", which always gives them some wiggle room if they decide to just go ahead and change everything in two years.

So we can stop the division realignment theories, and the possible invitations to UConn, it doesn't look like anything major is changing.