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ACC Distributed Record $291.7 Million Total Revenue In 2013-14


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Chuck Liddy

In its first fiscal year with Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, the Atlantic Coast Conference raised its total revenue by more than $56 million, according to an report. The conference will distribute a record $291.7 million in total revenue for the 2013-14 fiscal year. With three extra mouths to feed, that equates to a bump of $1.2 million per full member.

Around this time last year, the conference's new deal with Notre Dame was expected to net full members more than a million dollars per year in media rights revenue. It appears those projections were spot on. In 2012, the ACC renegotiated its media rights agreement with ESPN for $3.6 billion for 15 years, or an average of $17.1 million per full member.

Maryland, which will leave the ACC for the Big Ten on July 1, will have its share withheld until the school's legal challenge to the conference's exit fee is resolved. Notre Dame, a member in all sports except football, will receive a different, undisclosed share.

For sake of comparison, the SEC recently announced record revenue of $292.8 million, or a near identical $20.9 per school payout. Last week, the Big 12 announced the conference would distribute $23 million per school. The Pac-12 remains out ahead of every other power conference with a reported $334 million in total revenue for 2012-13.