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Syracuse LB Dyshawn Davis Says Orange Will "Shock The World" In ACC



Syracuse linebacker Dyshawn Davis wasted no time in making friends in his new conference digs. Davis has high expectations for the Orange football program in 2013, claiming in an interview with the Syracuse Post-Standard that Syracuse will "shock the world" in the expanded ACC this season.

"Coming in to the ACC, guys might not know (about us)," Davis said. "We're coming into the ACC not to just be an average team. We're coming into the ACC to win a championship, an ACC championship. Teams better watch out. That's all I can say."

How is Davis and the rest of the Orange team planning on winning an ACC championship in football, you ask? By being #Hardnosed, that's how.

"One thing about Syracuse football is we're going to be tough," Davis said. "We might not be the biggest, we might not be the strongest, but when guys play us they know that we're going to be tough. We're going to hit, we're going to play tough ball and we're going to be very physical."

I'm all about trying to self-motivate yourself and your teammates but these things have a way of coming back to haunt you.

Case in point: in an attempt to generate some energy and excitement around the program (because they certainly weren't receiving any from the head coach), many Boston College players played the "no respect" card in the week leading up to last year's road game at Florida State. More than a couple 'Noles fans took umbrage at players running their mouths. BC proceeded to get pasted 51-7.

Now it is only July and these comments will likely be forgotten by players and opposing ACC fans by the time the season rolls around, but this is no way to make friends now is it?

"This program is going to shock a lot of people," Davis said. "We're going to shock the world."

Trust us. The world doesn't care if / when you beat Wake Forest (with no apologies to #TheRivalry).

Dyshawn wasn't the only Syracuse representative talking a big game. You should see my email inbox following my warm "welcome" to the ACC. The lowlights:

I cannot wait to kick Boston College's ass up and down the field. We will blow you off the field. You have no chance of beating us. Your program hasn't made a peep in the college football landscape in years. You are irrelevant. Nobody cares about Boston College except you and Doug Flutie. I also cannot wait to embarrass your irrelevant basketball team. Have you even been in the NCAA's recently? Boston College is a joke of an athletic program.


Thankfully for you, we are now arriving in the ACC and will show you how a true northeast athletic power operates in a southern conference. It's been laughable watching you wallow over the past several years.

Looking forward to the renewed tradition of beating you year in and year out. It will be a "rivalry" the same way we were "rivals" with Rutgers or South Florida.

"True northeast athletic power." I laughed.

You may not know this but Syracuse has dominated Boston College. Yes, of course, everyone has dominated you in hoop. All those final fours, zero. But in football as well. And while I think you now have a good coach, crazy but good. It won't be enough. We are pretty close to being back to where we were in the 90's. Which would be beating B.C. by about 30 a game.

Something tells me the point spread on this year's BC-Syracuse football game won't be BC +30.

Still bitter from the November 2004 loss at home vs Cuse?? The one game that cost you a BCS bid and millions? I look forward to playing you in basketball in Boston, which will be a home game for the Cuse. When was the last time you won a meaningful game in basketball/football?? Thought so, haters will hate, jealousy, a beautiful thing. Cuse owns the Northeast, always have, always will, accept it!!!!!!!

Extra exclamation points for emphasis !!!!!!!