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The ACC Refreshes Its Logo

Now with 100% more #goacc.


With the change in membership comes a change in the conference's logo.

On Sunday, June 30th at 9:28 p.m., the ACC's "classic" seal logo, which featured a map of the conference with dots representing the locations of the league's 12 members, was pronounced D.O.A. In its place is the sleeker, 3-letter ACC logo. Besides, what good is a map in your conference's logo when its membership continues to change. The guys over at corporate headquarters must have figured you could only zoom out on the map so far before Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill become just one larger dot -- which, fitting, am I right? -- and all of the individual detail is lost.

I know I'm a fan of one of the new-ish programs in the conference, but I don't really mind the change. The ACC still retains at least a portion of its old identity with the "ACC" from the old logo; it just loses the geography lesson. The font of the "ACC" part of the old logo didn't even match with the name of the conference -- as it once did -- and looked a bit disjointed as a result, anyway.

So let's pour one out for the Eagles' old conference logo, and welcome our new, more #goacc logo into the fold.