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Notre Dame To Increase ACC's Per-School Payout More Than $1M Per School Annually

Irish will add more than $1 million per year in added media rights revenue.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, if we are going to put up with the Irish in the ACC for all sports except football, at least it'll be worth the school's while. That is, until the conference gets salvaged for parts by the Big Ten, SEC and Big 12. / West Virginia blogger'd

According to's Jeremy Fowler, the ACC expects Notre Dame's partial conference membership to earn each school more than $1 million per year in added media rights revenue. The added value provided by the Irish will bump the ACC's per-school annual TV revenue into the $18-plus-million range.

Fowler also mentions that programs may also see a bump in home ticket sales when Notre Dame begins ACC "play" though this seems like more of a benefit to ACC programs that haven't traditionally faced the Irish on the gridiron. If the Eagles fall into the regular three-year ACC cycle, Notre Dame will be hitting the Heights much less than they have over the last two decades. Hope Bates has a couple Ohio State deals in the works.

So we only have to put up with Notre Dame's partial ACC membership for 17 seasons before we can have our very own permanent indoor practice facility, yes?