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Who Could Be The Next Head Coach of Boston College Football?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Joshua A. Bickel/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Sometimes, you have to move back to go forward.

Unrelatedly, does anyone have eyes on Steve Addazio? (Pictured smiling down below)

I kid I kid. But the list of candidates to replace the newest cheese-head is not as lengthy as one would like because, well it’s February. Yes, Jeff Hafley has left the Eagles high and dry on this one. While Father Leahy won’t need to pay a buyout had Hafley been canned at the end of the season, the cycle has passed and many ideal candidates have found new homes. Lest they pull a Hafley, the short list is rather short. Let’s get in the game and throw some names out there.

Boston College Ties

  • Brian Flores; DC Minnesota Vikings

This would be electric. Flores did a great job coaching an undermanned Vikings defense. The BC alum has however, exclusively coached in the NFL. Despite having an ongoing lawsuit that might be cause for him being overlooked for HC interviews, this seems more like a pipe-dream for the Eagle faithful. His sights are probably set on another NFL head coaching gig, and returning to BC seems like it would be beneath him right now.

  • Al Washington; D-Line and Defensive Run Game Coordinator, Notre Dame

I’m a big Al guy. He played and already coached at BC under Addazio. He made a few stops since at top programs in Cincinnati, Michigan, and Ohio State, and now the defensive line coach at Notre Dame. He already has the support of our very own Will Blackmon (who should also be on staff). Washington may not have head coaching or coordinating experience, but he has coached both sides of the ball and has been around some top notch leaders. I don’t need someone to call plays, but galvanize the fans, coach players hard, and re-establish an identity. Al has that in him.

  • Don Brown; HC UMass

Dr. Blitz is right in state at UMass, his second time in charge of the program. He led BC’s defense to new heights in his few years here. He wouldn’t be at BC for the long term, but could help steady the ship.

  • Rob Chudzinski, BC Assistant Head Coach for Offense

I mean, he’s already been in the building since 2020. After a long stretch of NFL gigs since his last appearance in college, with Miami in the early 2000s, Chud would be an easy answer. This would be the maintain continuity play, and to me this would scream ‘lame duck’ candidate though.

  • Scot Loeffler; HC Bowling Green

Loeffler was BC’s OC from 2016-18, and has had some solid success leading Bowling Green since then. Back to back Quick Lane Bowl appearances (which he won for BC his first season coaching) and a win over Georgia Tech this year are solid feats. Maybe not the most inspired choice, but could be an option.

Regionally Affiliated Candidates

  • Dan Mullen

The former Mississippi State and Florida coach has been pretty clearly looking for a new coaching gig, but is currently doing his best on the commentary front (actually pretty good at it). The New Hampshire native was very much in the mix for the Syracuse gig most recently. It would be dipping our toes back in the Urban Meyer-verse, but hey those results were pretty solid and we had a brand. Read more here about why he seems like one of the likeliest candidates.

  • Liam Coen; Kentucky OC

A former UMass quarterback and Rhode Island native, Coen would be a solid candidate, but has some Hafley-like flags. After starting out primarily in college, he’s ping-ponged a bit with the NFL. He has flipped between the Rams and Kentucky for two stints apiece, most recently the Kentucky OC. He has also interviewed for some OC jobs, including the open Bucs one right now. If he wants to try his hands at head coach, this would likely be a stop gap.

  • Billy O’Brien; OC Ohio State

The Massachusetts native O’Brien has been around some of the game’s best and coached at a high level. As head coach post-Paterno at Penn State, head coach with the Houston Texans, multiple stints with the Patriots, and a stop at Alabama’s coaching rehabilitation program, O’Brien clearly has the resume. Now he’s been known to blow a fuse every now and then, but maybe that’s what we need. He took the OSU job under BC guy Ryan Day just about a week ago so it’s not exactly treachery. I’m sure he wants to get back to leading a team himself. He was reportedly in the mix for the BC gig last time as well. Come home, sweet prince. Read more about why he could be a good fit HERE.

  • Mike Vrabel

BC Dad Mike Vrabel is surprisingly out of a job with only one remaining NFL spot open. He coached at Ohio State for a few seasons as well, so we’re dipping back into that well. Unlikely again, but you know if he wants to why not. Ask Bill to join too.

Possible Defectors (we won’t hold it against you)

Bob Chesney; HC James Madison

A fan-favorite after an exceptional job at Holy Cross (including a close loss to BC this season), Chesney took over James Madison just a few months ago. It would probably be a bit of a red flag were he to jump ship so quick, but BC missed the window on this one. Thanks Jeff.


  • Jason Candle; HC Toledo

I am not familiar with his work, but everyone else is mentioning him so we have to acknowledge him. The Ohio native is a bright offensive mind who has gone to three straight bowl games. After an 11 win 2023 season, they lost in the Arizona bowl. Candle has been in charge since 2016 and was most recently in the mix for the Syracuse gig this offseason. His background includes work with Iowa State coach Matt Campbell at Mount Union and later Toledo. He’s not a splash and has shades of Jim Christian, but I like the offensive mind angle.

Whomever the case, BC needs to act fast. The Eagles lost very little in the portal, but now the whole roster has a new window to enter in 30 29 days time. Time is of the essence to re-recruit our own team.

Seriously though, where is Daz? Let us know your thoughts on BC’s next head coach.

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images