Missing Ryan O'Keefe

The saddest part of the 2023 Boston College football season was the violent hit that resulted in the end of Ryan O'Keefe's season and what has now concluded with Ryan medically retiring from football.

Sadder still is that Ryan is also no longer on campus. He has returned to Tampa FL to begin a new life as an apprentice electrician.

In the five games that Ryan played for Boston College, it was impossible to ignore him on the field.

Regardless of whether he had the ball or was simply a threat to receive the ball, he brought excitement to the game.

The physics between Ryan and QB Thomas Castellanos was noticeably electric. It's a shame that Jeff Hafley apparently never anticipated that BC opponents would make every effort to disrupt these two playmakers.

I have watched BC football for many years. And I'll admit that I don't particularly like BC Football but I do have my favorite players.

AJ Dillon, David Bailey Zay Flowers and Ryan O'Keefe in recent memory. Ryan O'Keefe simply lit up the field and I am disappointed that BC didn't do a better job of shielding him or of disrupting defenders intent on targeting Ryan.

Enough said..because BC football will never change because BC Football will forever seek to evade their mission, their promise.

I don't want BC football to be on the same level as an Alabama.

I want them to be on the same level as Massachusetts or Maine or Rutgers or Temple.... just a good local brand of football that can be enjoyed and played by some really good local kids.

A day long tailgate out to Worcester UCONN or Colgate maybe Syracuse for one "Big-Time Game

But let's not forget Ryan O'Keefe. Ryan was a really good undersized local kid from Round Rock,Texas that found his way to BC via UCF. He's gone back to Florida now and most of us will never hear from him or see him again. But his time at BC won't be forgotten. He did the #4 jersey at BC proud and he'll be missed.