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WATCH: Every Electrifying Crowd Moment from the Huge Boston College Men’s Hockey Win Over #1 Boston University

Boston College Athletics

The Boston College men’s hockey team had a huge home match-up on Friday night, and none of it disappointed. The BC students showed up in huge numbers for the game and brought a ridiculous amount of energy against archrival Boston University. It makes sense, seeing as this was the first time in the long history of this storied rivalry that the teams were ranked #1 and #2.

It was clear from the start that this was not a normal crowd. Boston College brought out the Boston Bruins’ Todd Angilly to sing the national anthem, and the BC crowd belted out the song alongside him.

The start of the game featured lots of chanting and cheering, but it took a while for the scoring to get going. When Ryan Leonard finally put the puck in the net in the second period, Conte Forum went berserk.

Another goal in the second period gave the Eagles a 2-0 lead, and the home crowd let the goalie hear it. The iconic “sieve” chant from the Boston College student section had extra juice with a packed crowd.

One of the biggest highlights of the night came in the second intermission. The Conte Forum speakers started playing Mr. Brightside and the Boston College students belted the iconic song. It’s a BC tradition at this point, and the crowd did not disappoint.

BU cut the lead to 2-1 in the third period, putting everyone on the edge of their seat. The students were riled up and swinging their gold rally towels & t-shirts. It was LOUD in there as BU pulled their goalie and tried to tie it up.

But it was all for naught. Cutter Gauthier broke away from the pack and took the puck all the way to the goal for an empty-netter to put BC up 3-1 on their archrival with just minutes to go. The Boston College crowd exploded in jubilation.

Another empty-netter truly sealed the game for BC, and all that was left was watching the clock hit zero and the team gather around freshman goalie Jacob Fowler to celebrate.

The game was so monumental and electric that it got the full Sportscenter treatment that night.

Up next is Saturday night at BU. Can the Terrier students bring the same kind of energy? I guess we’ll find out.