BC Hockey consistency over the years

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about BC hockey is how consistently good they have been over the years. As of now this is tied for the longest stretch that BC has not appeared in a Frozen 4, for 7 years, with the last appearance in 2016. The other time was 1966-1972. They have only had one other gap greater than 5 years as well in their history, 6 years from 1979-1984. The only other school without at least a 10 year gap is Minnesota with 9. North Dakota 10 years would be next best. Even the stalwart programs that have more titles like Michigan and Denver have much wider gaps. Michigan 12 and 14 years, Denver 12 and 17 years, BU 11 years twice, Wisconsin 21, 13 and another 13+ years ongoing now, Michigan State 16 and another 16+ ongoing now, and Harvard had a 22 year gap.