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Boston College Football vs Virginia: Q&A with Streaking The Lawn

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles take on the Cavaliers this Saturday. Hopefully, we can flush the game this past week and channel the same energy we saw two weeks ago against Florida State.

Big shoutout to Daniel Siegel and our pals at Streaking the Lawn for sharing some thoughts on the Cavaliers’ season thus far.

The Cavaliers have had a tough start to the season and currently sit at 0-4. Opening up against No. 12 ranked Tennessee in Nashville was a tough test to start the year. They followed up with in-state foe, and very good, JMU and then traveled to Maryland and lost a nail biter to NC State. It’s safe to say your start to the season hasn’t been easy, but it may not get easier. What is your prediction for total wins and losses at the end of the year?

DS: It is absolutely fair to say that. As we looked at it from the preseason, Virginia could realistically lose each of the aforementioned games, so the 0-4 record is not shocking. However, the way they lost the James Madison game (blew a double digit lead in fourth quarter) and the Maryland game (unnecessary post snap penalties at the end) makes the result quite frustrating.

On one hand, we believe that UVA has the pieces to outplay many of their opponents. On the other, their inability to close games can be attributed to the state of the program. With one FCS opponent and seven more conference games, I see the most likely record as 3-9.

The last time Boston College played UVA, in 2020, UVA beat BC for the first time ever to bring the all-time record to 1-6. Will this new trend continue? What is your prediction for the final score?

DS: It’s kind of funny you mention that game. Both fanbases seemed to be wanting more at that point, yet would dream to go back there as we stand today. I’m not saying this will be part of any trend but I do have the ‘Hoos squeaking out this one. Let’s say 20-17 is the final score.

Tony Muskett will be back under center for the Cavaliers this weekend. With Anthony Colandrea’s 6 INT’s in 3 starts, is it safe to say you’re excited to see Tony Muskett back this weekend? How do Cavalier fans feel about Muskett moving forward?

DS: The Muskett vs Colandrea debate is complicated. Let me preface by saying I will not be fully convinced Muskett actually starts until he trots out for the opening drive. Tony Elliott and his staff love gamesmanship moves of that sort.

Most of the Virginia fanbase does want to see Colandrea because of the flash he’s shown (9.0 yards per passing attempt). They cite that the mistakes he’s made need to be worked through with experience.

However, Muskett is clearly the more refined option at quarterback and the one who ultimately won the job in fall camp. Remember that the veteran did not get benched but rather injured in the Tennessee game.

At what point will UVA fans start calling for Tony Elliot’s job? How long do you think they should give him before trying to make a change?

DS: Given that Elliott’s first season was cut short due to a tragedy and Virginia is not an easy place to win at, it is almost given that he gets at least a third season. While the signs are certainly not encouraging, it would be foolish to give up this early.

Is there a better name in all of football than D’Brickashaw Ferguson?

DS: An absolutely perfect name for offensive lineman too. More D’Brickashaw Ferguson content: he missed one snap in his entire 10-year NFL career with the Jets…it was for a lateral play at the end of a game. Quite fitting.