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Recap: Louisville Throttles BC 56-28

NCAA Football: Boston College at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College was blown out the building this evening 56-28 to Louisville.

The Cardinals scored a touchdown on their first seven possessions. BC almost managed a stop on their very first possession, but a face mask penalty negated the stop and Louisville would only soar from there.

Quarterback Jack Plummer threw for 388 yards, 5 touchdowns, and had a nice rushing touchdown to go with it. The BC secondary was getting picked on, as Plummer easily found his receivers wide open deep down the field. Ahmari Huggins-Bruce and Jamari Thrash were the stars on the outside combining for 8 catches 181 yards and three touchdowns.

BC couldn’t stop Jawhar Jordan on the ground either. Jordan opened the scoring after the aforementioned penalty busting open a 33 yard touchdown run. He continued to dominate after that ending with 134 yards on 18 carries and punched in a second touchdown as well. He also took his one catch for 75 yards to the house.

Thomas Castellanos and the Eagles offense finally got on the board after four Cardinals touchdowns, scrambling for 39 yards. The offense to its credit did get going little by little. Ryan O’Keefe hauled in a long pass from Castellanos just before half to make it 35-14. But Louisville would not relent. With 33 seconds to go, they faked a kneel and caught the whole BC defense sleeping. Getting to around midfield, Plummer launched a long touchdown to Thrash to wipe any last BC a hope.

Castellanos would finish 17/33 for 265 yards and three touchdowns. He would also finish as the leading rusher for the Eagles with 49 yards. Kye Robichaux had a good opening series but the Eagles had to quickly abandon the run game. He’d only end up with nine carries. Lewis Bond and Joe Griffin both performed well on the outside as well. Bond had great runs after catch and finished with four catches, 71 yards, and two touchdowns.

Only seven penalties on the day for Eagles, but the nearly 600 yards of offense allowed were equally backbreaking.

BC will take on Virginia back home next week.