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Boston College Baseball Loses Two Assistant Coaches

How will BC keep their momentum?

COLLEGE BASEBALL: APR 28 Clemson at Boston College Photo by Erica Denhoff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Thursday and Friday, news broke that the Boston College baseball program will be losing of its top two assistant coaches this offseason: Kevin Vance (pitching coach and recruiting coordinator) is headed to Arizona, while Tyler Holt (hitting coach) is leaving due to budgetary constraints.

These departures are a huge hit to Birdball after they broke through in 2023 to one of their best seasons ever on the backs of improved pitching and great offense. BC head coach Mike Gambino is now tasked with finding two suitable replacements that can build upon Boston College’s momentum and keep their recruits, all while operating under apparent “budgetary constraints.”

The penny-pinching around the baseball program staff is not a good sign after these coaches led BC to such a great season in a brand new facility. Their success isn’t being rewarded adequately and it could very well result in the deterioration of what the Eagles have been building. It seemed that investment in baseball and softball was at the forefront of BC Athletics’ priorities when they built the Harrington Athletic Village, but a failure to keep around the talent they’ve collected shows that they may actually be stretching too thin.