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Alabama Eliminates Boston College Baseball from the 2023 NCAA Tournament

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAY 19 Notre Dame vs Boston College Photo by Erica Denhoff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Late on Sunday night, Boston College baseball played their second game of the day for a match-up with the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2023 NCAA Tournament. Despite losing in the opening round of the regional, BC won two straight games against Nicholls and Troy to find themselves in a final match-up with Bama. Boston College wasn’t able to come up with another win, however, as they fell to Alabama, 8-0, and were eliminated from the NCAA Tournament.

A rain delay pushed the start time of this game all the way to about 10:30pm ET, which surely couldn’t have helped the tired Eagles after they had already played a full game in the afternoon, and it all started about as poorly as it could have for BC. Starting pitcher Andrew Roman earned himself two outs, but then proceeded to walk or hit-by-pitch 5 batters in a row, pushing two runners over the plate. Roman proceeded to let up a 2 RBI single and he was pulled off the mound without even finishing the first frame. That early 4-0 lead ballooned into 5-0 and then 6-0 by the 3rd inning, putting BC in a deep hole early.

From there BC’s pitching staff was able to get things under control, but the damage had already been done. The Eagles had a slew of arms come into the game and pitch for an inning or two each with varied success and no runs allowed until the 8th inning. But the Boston College offense had nothing left in the tank and could only muster 3 total hits on the night before Leary singled in the 9th inning to make it 4. Without any run support, BC’s season ended anticlimactically well past 1:30am ET on Monday morning by a score of 8-0.

This is a tough loss to take after the season Boston College had. From their insanely hot start to the season and through their impressive wins over teams like Wake Forest and Clemson, Birdball has shown all year that they are a tough, gritty team with a lot of fight. Despite the early exit from the NCAA tournament, BC will land in or near the top-25 nationally and finished tied for their most ACC wins ever. It’s been a huge success for a program that looked lifeless just 12 months ago. Based on all the progress they’ve made, BC fans can be optimistic about where the baseball program is headed for the future. Thank you, Eagles!