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How to Watch & Gamethread: Boston College Baseball NCAA Tournament vs Alabama

COLLEGE BASEBALL: APR 19 UConn at Boston College Photo by Erica Denhoff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Read our preview of Birdball in the NCAA Regional HERE!

This afternoon, Boston College baseball defeated Troy in the NCAA tournament, allowing them to advance to play against Alabama in the regionals’ final rounds. Read the game recap here.

The Eagles, having already lost once this weekend, need to defeat the Crimson Tide twice in a row in order to make it out of the Tuscaloosa regional and survive. Things could get tricky as pitching arms wear thin, but BC’s bats are hot (especially Joey Vetrano’s) and Birdball is well positioned to make a run. They will be relying heavily on those bats as they dig a bit deeper into their pitching rotation and do not have the luxury of either John West or Eric Schroeder on the mound for tonight’s contest.

Should BC win tonight’s game, they will play one more time on Monday afternoon.

Where: Tuscaloosa, AL

When: Sunday June 4th at 9pm ET

How to Watch: Today’s game will be broadcasted on ESPN+ and can be streamed on the ESPN app with a subscription to ESPN+