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2022-23 BC Interruption Awards, Female Fan Favorite: Abby Newhook

Boston College v Holy Cross Photo by Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/Getty Images

By the lofty standards Boston College Women’s Hockey has set for itself, the last couple seasons have been a bit of a disappointment. Despite finishing well above .500 and putting up a good fight against the top team in the conference, the Eagles haven’t come away with any hardware the last few years.

However, one of the real truly reliable bright spots of the team has been Abby Newhook. Abby Newhook is our 2022-2023 BC Interruption Female Fan Favorite.

The hype train on Abby started back when her brother, Alex, was drafted to the Colorado Avalanche, and Alex told the world that his sister is an even better hockey player than he is:

The Avalanche latched on to Abby’s greatness early on, tweeting about Abby and retweeting her goals on a regular basis. And there were plenty of highlights to showcase, such as this ridiculous goal against Maine early in the season:

But it wasn’t just that Newhook scored pretty goals — it’s that she scores big goals. Of her 19 scores this season, 9 of them either tied the game or gave the Eagles the lead. Her 6 game-winning-goals were twice as many as anyone else on the team, and 2 of those game-winners came in overtime.

So yeah, she’s exciting alright. Newhook will have the opportunity to be the focal point of the Boston College offense this season, and there’s no doubt that she’ll put up plenty of great moments for the highlight reel.