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2022-23 BC Interruption Awards: Male Athlete Who Best Embodies the Characteristics of a BC Eagle - Marshall Warren

Massachusetts v Boston College Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

This year, the player from a men’s team who has won our longest-titled award is Marshall Warren, the BC men’s hockey captain. Warren was nominated for the award alongside Makai Ashton-Langford and Jaeden Zackery (both of the men’s basketball team), and he came through with the win based on who he is on and off the ice.

As the captain of the Eagles this season, Warren helped lead his team under new head coach, as Greg Brown returned to BC to take over for the legendary Jerry York. Before the season even started, Brown credited Warren with helping him to get to know the team. And while the Eagles didn’t have the season they would have wanted, they consistently fought with everything they had, which doesn’t happen without good leadership.

Off the ice, Warren has lived up to BC’s motto of being “men and women for others.” He has served on the College Hockey DEI committee, and this season continued to participate in his team’s off-ice service opportunities, including numerous school visits. Warren also hosted Hockey in Harlem at Conte for a game in January.

Throughout his 4 years at BC, Warren has certainly helped to improve BC hockey’s culture, and we wish him success as he heads to Michigan for his grad year (but not more success than next year’s Eagles, sorry!)