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2022-23 BC Interruption Awards: Female Rookie of the Year - Shea Dolce

Our first award for this season is also our first unanimous winner!

2023 NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

Summertime means the end of college sports season, which means it is time for our annual BC Interruption Awards! We’re starting off with the 2022-23 Female Rookie of the Year, and our writers unanimously voted for women’s lacrosse goalie Shea Dolce.

Dolce came to BC as the top ranked goalie recruit in her year and as the seventh ranked overall recruit, adding to BC’s stellar recruiting class. She began the season splitting time with grad student Rachel Hall, and played her first full game against Clemson in March. From there, Dolce pretty much played full games for the rest of the season, and she was a major factor in BC’s postseason run.

Dolce ended the season with a 15-3 record, an 8.84 goals against average, and a .457 save percentage. Her goals against average was 10th in the country, the highest for a freshman, and she also had the best save percentage of any freshman goaltender in the country.

With Dolce in net for 3 more years, Eagles fans almost certainly have more final fours to look forward to!