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#11 Boston College Wins the 2023 Baseball Beanpot

On Tuesday evening, Boston College baseball hosted the Harvard Crimson for 2023’s Baseball Beanpot championship game. The Eagles, who are ranked #11 in the country, defeated Harvard, 5-4.

It was a scoreless game through 2.5 innings before a pair of BC players, Joey Vetrano and Patrick Roche, hit a pair of back-to-back homers to give BC a 3-0 lead. Harvard responded in the 5th by scoring twice, causing BC to sub in their best reliever, Andrew Roman. Roman proceeded to walk his first batter of the season to load the bases, hit the next batter for a run, and then walk another for a run. He eventually kept the damage under control and Harvard earned just a 4-3 lead. BC tied the game with another hit from Roche in the 6th, making it 4-4. It stayed that way for a while.

Then in the bottom of the 9th, Nick Wang hit a solo shot in the leadoff spot, winning the game and Beanpot title for BC.

Boston College’s win gives them their second-straight Beanpot win and their 15th title overall, extending their record. The other programs are UMass with 7, Northeastern with 6, and Harvard with 5. Boston University has participated in the Baseball Beanpot in the past, but failed to win the title.