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Boston College Alumnus Grant Salzano Wins Wheel of Fortune/WWE Tournament

BC Interruption’s own Grant Salzano won Wheel of Fortune for the second night in a row tonight, emerging as the victor of the Wheel of Fortune/WWE Tournament with his partner WWE superstar Natalya.

Tonight’s game started out with Austin Theory and his teammate winning a puzzle, but Nattie and Grant followed up by winning with “two can play that game.”

Grant and Nattie then got a very long puzzle that allowed them to build up a big lead, even though they narrowly missed landing on the bankruptcy space twice. The puzzle’s answer ended up being “Bumps, bruisers, backbreakers, and brainbusters” which they correctly came up with.

Big E’s team won the next puzzle, but then landed on a bankruptcy space, which allowed Grant and Nattie to steal the next puzzle with an answer of “luxurious rhinestone robe.”

Big E and Theory’s teams won the remaining puzzles, but they couldn’t catch up to the lead Grant and Nattie had built up.

Grant missed out on winning a Ford (again) in the final round, but still came away with some big bucks and the chance to attend Wrestlemania this weekend!