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Dear Reader: Changes Are Coming to BCI

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 22 Virginia at Boston College Photo by Erica Denhoff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As the college sports season begins to draw to a close, changes are coming to BC Interruption. As Taylor Swift would say, it’s time to go (sort of). Tomorrow, I will be stepping back as managing editor of the website, and Curtis will be taking over the position. We’ve been slowly transitioning things over, so this change shouldn’t affect much about the site beyond reinvigorating some energy and creativity by handing the reigns over to someone younger and less burnt out.

When I took over from Joe, I was still trying to figure out what my post-grad life would look like. Since then, I went back to grad school, became a librarian, and continued to work part time at the Gifford Cat Shelter. I’ve known for a while that once I found someone who was interested in taking over and had the organizational skills and passion to do so, I was ready to take a step back. Curtis has the same slightly fanatical passion for BC sports that I have, with the added bonus of being much more of a football guy than I am. I know that I’m leaving the site in good hands for you all. (And that he’ll continue to honor all the troll-y behaviors amongst the writers that I encourage...even though I wanted to post this on April Fools’ and that was shot down smh.)

I’ve loved running the site and am so proud of the group of writers that I’ve built/maintained. I’d like to think that I’ve mostly done a decent job of continuing with the goals for the site that Brian and Joe set before me. As I step back, you’ll continue to get great men’s basketball and football content from Curran, Fred, and Niraj, the best women’s hockey coverage in the business from Grant, top notch men’s hockey content from Steve, and fun player/coach features from Maithri. So while you’ll see some improvements, it won’t feel like everything has changed.

I’ll be taking a couple months away from the site so that Curtis can get his footing without me micromanaging, but I’ll begin again in June with NHL Draft coverage as we look forward to what may be BC’s best ever recruiting class. So this won’t be the last time you see me.

Once I’m back, I’ll continue to contribute to men’s hockey coverage and will resume my coverage of women’s basketball and various other women’s sports. My hope is that without the editor burnout, I’ll be able to get my actual insightful thoughts about my favorite teams out of my brain and into articles again, particularly as women’s basketball continues to be a huge question mark. And of course I expect I’ll have even more creative thoughts for unhinged Taylor Swift/BC mashups that you’ll love to hate.

Long story short, see you in June and Go Eags!