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Grant Salzano Defeats Kofi Kingston on Wheel of Fortune

BC Interruption’s own Grant Salzano is heading to the finals of the Wheel of Fortune on WWE week after defeating fellow Eagle Kofi Kingston (and WWE superstar The Miz) on the show tonight.

Kofi and his partner won the first puzzle of the game, but Grant and his WWE partner Nattie followed up by winning a puzzle with the answer “Mama said knock you out.” Unfortunately, they whiffed their next turn after trying to buy an O after it had already been called and Kofi’s team took over the puzzle to win it…only to then go bankrupt after turning over a mystery card.

Grant and Nattie then won a wild card prize after winning a puzzle with “the biggest show of the year.”

Each team won a puzzle in the triple toss up, with Grant and Nattie getting “banjo strings” and Kofi’s team getting “hamstrings.”

Grant and Nattie then won the final team puzzle with an answer of “you win some you lose some” and secured their place in tomorrow’s finals. Unfortunately they didn’t solve the final puzzle, which was “wide boulevards,” but they still ended the night with $19,550.

Tomorrow night, Grant and Nattie will take on Big E’s team and Austin Theory’s team!