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Jacob Fowler Earns Shutout as Boston College Men’s Hockey Defeats UConn

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Boston College Men’s hockey defeated UConn 3-0 tonight, earning Jacob Fowler his first collegiate shutout.

The Eagles scored early to make it 1-0 off a beautiful back and forth breakaway from Gabe Perrault and Will Smith, with Smith getting the goal.

From there the game got weird pretty fast due to the absolutely abysmal ice quality at the rink. Snow quickly began accumulating in piles around the boards, and even after resurfacing at intermission there were marks and dips in the surface. Because of this, the game was full of weird bounces and slowed down passes.

BC did do a good job of readjusting as the game went on by focusing on short passes and nifty solo moves, and in the third period Cutter Gauthier scored a classic Cutter goal to increase BC’s lead to 2-0.

Fowler continued to play well and BC’s defense continued to block shots, and with 3:20 to go UConn pulled the goalie. Oskar Jellvik took advantage of the empty net for a goal, making the final score 3-0 Eags.