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Boston College Men’s Basketball Sneaks by The Citadel and Wins 75-71

Zackery keeps the Eagles together

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday night, the Boston College men’s basketball team played The Citadel at McAlister Field House. Behind the strong play of Jaeden Zackery, the Eagles squeezed by The Citadel by a final score of 75 to 71. Zackery finished with a season high 21 points and helped keep the Eagles together throughout the game. Although the game was close throughout, no team led by more than 6. That was a very encouraging win for Boston College fans.

The Eagles looked out of sorts for most of the first half. JZ commanded the floor very well early and looked the most comfortable he has all year. He let the game come to him and looked in control. Post didn’t come out as hot as he did against Fairfield. He forced a 3 early and got in foul trouble which seemed to put the Eagles on edge. Once Post left the game, the Eagles went flat. The Eagles shot 22% (2 for 9) from 3 in the first half, while The Citadel shot the 3 at a 54% clip (7 for 13).

When Post left the game, the Eagles looked confused on offense and seemed to lose their rhythm to which they started the game. Once The Citadel took the lid off the basket and started making shots from beyond the arc, Boston College began to press offensively. JZ no longer looked in control, Madsen looked to force the issue, as did Harris. But, give credit to The Citadel guards, Elijah Morgan and AJ Smith. They combined for 20 points in the first half.

The Citadel stayed hot beyond the arc shooting 40% (10 for 25) from 3 for the game. However, Boston College continued to answer. The Eagles, lead by Zackery, fought and scrapped to keep the game close. Post got himself in foul trouble again in the second half, which proved to be a turning point in the game and maybe in the Eagles season. After Post was called for a foul on the interior, he threw the ball in the air out of frustration. The refs did not take kindly to that reaction and gave Post a technical, which forced him to the bench with 4 fouls at the 15 minute mark of the second half.

Many Eagles fans have seen this movie before. Early in the season, Boston College tends to play to their competition and slip up against non-conference opponents. This game looked to be trending that direction. Claudell Harris, Jr., Donald Hand, Jr., and Devin McGlockton all stepped up in the second half to help jump start the Eagles and eventually win the game.

This will prove to be an important game in the Eagles’ season. We all knew Post wouldn’t be able to do it by himself. Even with the help of Zackery, Grant needs one more person to prove they can be a reliable scorer. Harris and Hand certainly showed flashes of that tonight. All in all, this is a game that previous Boston College teams don’t win. That was a gritty game, and Grant likes when its gritty. This team is different.

On Wednesday the 15th, Boston College will take on Richmond at home at 7 pm EST.