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Betting Odds and Prediction: Army vs. Boston College Football

I have to make a good pick at some point, right?

Virginia v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Classic Boston College. Even when they win, they manage to look bad doing it and even then they fail to cover. By one point. I am now 0-5, this time missing BC -3.5 against one of the worst teams in the country in the Virginia Cavaliers.

This week, Boston College is actually an underdog against the Army Black Knights. That’s right. A Power Five program, underdogs to a service academy. I actually like Army -3, too. Even though Boston College won this week, I wrote in this week’s banter how I did not really see any meaningful positives. Sure, the fight to stay in the game and come back in that third quarter was heartening, but I do not expect it to be repeated — it was against a UVA defense missing its best player. The trends that have continued? Boston College starting slow yet again, and nearly blew the game with self-inflicted wounds (in the form of turnovers this time, rather than an absurd amount of penalties).

This Army team, like all Army teams, is going to run the ball. QB Bryson Daily spearheads the multi-headed rushing attack that averages over 200 yards per game, and we’ve seen what happens when teams attack BC’s rushing defense. Against both NIU and Holy Cross — teams that wanted to pound the rock and control the clock — BC struggled heavily. Cam Horsely will need to have a massive game, along with Vinny DePalma. But until BC can prove that they can clean their game up and consistently perform at the level of the third quarter of the UVA game, or the second half of FSU, I don’t like their chances against Army.

Picks: Army -3, U 51. Here's to hoping I’m wrong.