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Boston College Women’s Basketball: Meet the 2023-24 Seniors

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 22 Womens Clemson at Boston College Photo by Erica Denhoff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This season, the women’s basketball team will have another small group of upperclassmen, including just two seniors: Jojo Lacey and Dontavia Waggoner. Waggoner and Lacey both had breakout seasons last year, and their leadership should play a major role in how successful this BC team is.

Lacey, a 6’1 guard, has spent all 4 of her college seasons at BC. Lacey started 33 games last season, and smashed all her previous personal best records. She recorded a career high 22 points and 5 steals against BU in December, and twice hit a career high 10 rebounds. The second time she recorded 10 rebounds was against Miami, when she also scored her first double-double with 18 points.

Lacey went from averaging 6.2 minutes a game as a sophomore to 30.5 minutes as a junior. As a junior she recorded 35 points, 15 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 block, and 6 steals over the season. This past year, she boosted those numbers to 329 points, 155 rebounds, 69 assists, 19 blocks, and 50 steals. Where fans should hope Lacey continues to shine and improve is from behind the arc - she led the team with 51 3 pointers last season, and having a consistent 3-point shooter is a must if BC wants to compete against ACC teams.

Waggoner, who transferred to BC from NC State for her sophomore season, is going to play a massive role in any success BC has. She missed 9 games due to injury last season, and her absence was sorely felt. In the 24 games that she played in, Waggoner scored 317 points, made 176 rebounds, and led the team with 70 steals. She also led the team in points per game (13.2), rebounds per game (7.0), and steals per game (2.9). She also earned 5 double-doubled over the season. If Waggoner can stay healthy all season long, she is poised to continue to boost her numbers and to help BC compete against the tougher ACC teams. The Eagles really need her to succeed, as she is easily their strongest two way player, able to contribute on offensive while also playing quickly and aggressively on defense.