THE most disturbing aspect of the Rutgers game…

has to be the play of the lines. May be old school, but football games are won or lost at the line. The only debate here is which one was worse and which one is more readily fixed. I’m going to say the OL was worse, though the 96 yd RU drive to win the game certainly spotlighted a glaring weakness…again. I’ll also say the OL is more readily fixed as these guys were bigger recruits and they have more talent around them to help mask their deficiencies. Unfortunately, I really don’t see/know how we can improve the DL and defense v the run. We’ve had 2 years to do so and clearly haven’t. I believe Hafley went for smaller/quicker for the pass rush - he is a DB guy - and teams will simply smash mouth us to death like Rutgers did. And I believe I read Rutgers replaced 4 OL from last year, all with transfers. These guys were not even thought to be any good.

There are some REAL problems.