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Final: Boston College 21 Rutgers 22

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, Boston College fell to Rutgers 22-21. After leading for majority of the contest, the Eagles got ran down in the fourth quarter on a 12 play, 96 yard touchdown drive all on the ground.

Phil Jurkovec and the offensive line had a brutal outing. A few solid/salvaged drives largely on the back of Zay Flowers and George Takacs, who combined for 17 catches and over 200 yards.

Flowers opened up the scoring on the second drive of the first quarter. A Phil Jurkovec interception, the first of two, led to a Rutgers score to cut it to 7-6 early in the second quarter.

Flowers scored again on a 26-yard touchdown. The Eagles were able to hold Rutgers on 3rd down for the entirety of the game, until the penultimate drive. Elijah Jones came away with an electric first half interception, but Boston College couldn’t capitalize. A missed 44-yard field goal from Connor Lytton to end the second half kept things at a 14-6.

The second half got off to a rough start, foreshadowing what was to come. Jurkovec, battered all day, fumbled the ball, and Rutgers pounced, scoring moments later to make it 14-12. BC countered with an uneven drive that culminated with a Jaden Williams touchdown to extend the lead.

The Scarlet Knights were soon able to hit a short field goal to make it a one score game. Jurkovec followed up with his second interception of the game, an easily read pass to Flowers. After trading punts, Rutgers completed their all rushing touchdown drive to make it 22-21. BC’s following drive saw Jurkovec on the ground twice. Hafley surprisingly elected to punt, and despite having a brief opportunity to get the ball back, a running into the punter put everything to bed.

Rutgers employed a dual quarterback system, and threw in a healthy dose of wildcat. The Scarlet Knights three for barely 100 yards, but the over 200 yards on the ground proved to be plenty.

Jurkovec threw for 283 yards on 23/41 passing. Three touchdowns and two interceptions, but subject to hit after hit. Decision making was not on point for him, but his protection was not close to par. Meanwhile, the Eagles rushing attack couldn’t generate anything either. Pat Garwo led the team with 25 yards on 14 carries.