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BCI Struggles to Find the Positives: What are we looking forward to the rest of this football season?

Maine v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Joe: So: this season looks lost from a number of different standpoints. What are things that you’re looking forward to or are interested in watching for for the rest of the year? Anything? (I guess “other sports” could be the answer here.)
I guess it will be interesting to see if Morehead gets more playing time in spots throughout the year, and how he develops since he’s obviously the next guy moving forward. But it’ll be hard to evaluate what he can actually do given.. well, you know.

Curtis: I don’t think we’ll see much of Morehead at all, personally, and if we do it will be against great defenses. Hafley didn’t put him in at all against Maine and he only came in at the end of a huge blowout against FSU. We may see him now and again at the end of any other potential blowouts (Clemson, NCSU) but otherwise I think Hafley is focused on getting Jurk his snaps whenever possible.

Curran: I agree, Morehead not getting into the Maine game at all was kind of a shock. If we think this season is rough, next season with a completely untested quarterback and without Zay is going to be ugly.
That being said one guy who I think has actually improved this season is Jaden Williams. He’s had his moments in this offense.

Joe: True, he’s someone whose progression has been and potentially could be interesting to watch.
It’ll also be interesting and important to see how Garwo seems to respond to this season making it kind of impossible for him to showcase what he can do. You want him to be happy, to want to stay, and to maybe be able to progress.

Curran: It would be a huge win for this team to keep Garwo for another year, but that is unlikely in my opinion. With Garwo struggling as much as he is with Phil and Zay in the mix, what kind of outlook does he see if it’s Morehead leading the offense with a weaker receiving corps?

Joe: Well, in theory he’d be a cornerstone of the offense next year - if BC is capable of running the ball.

Curran: The number one thing to watch for next year is the O-line’s growth. If these young but talented guys — Trapilo, Kendall — can take a step forward, and Mahogany returns healthy, what does this team look like? We’ve seen what the lack of protection has done to Phil. If that’s Morehead getting pressured on every drop back in his first taste as a starter, I see no hope for the offense.

Arthur: My wife and I are big fans of the Great British Baking Show and the new season just started. I’m curious to see how that goes, I think there are a lot of really solid bakers there, and there is a lot of talent that is very evident from the jump, so I think this season will be ultra competitive so that’s going to be exciting.
Oh wait, you meant BC sports. Uhhhhh, hockey is starting I guess?

Laura: It’s nice fall tailgate weather finally, there’s a positive to look forward to for like … a game

Curtis: The Red Bandana game against Clemson is going to be a night game, which is always a great atmosphere. That atmosphere will only last for probably 20 minutes, but hey enjoy it while you can.