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How Not To Watch Boston College Football vs. Florida State

NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

It’s halftime in the Boston College football game against Florida State, and at this point there isn’t a lot of intrigue left in this game. It’s clear Florida State will run away with this game after a Boston College team that somehow regressed just straight up couldn’t contain the Seminoles.

You may be still watching. Maybe it’s out of some sense of fan duty. Maybe you’re a BCI writer being forced to watch this game for work. Maybe you’re making food and just aren’t paying attention to the game.

If, however, you are watching because you don’t know what else to watch, never fear! We have you covered.

Arkansas @ Texas A&M, ESPN

The No. 20 Aggies are in the middle of a potential upset against in conference rival No 10 Arkansas. Go watch former FSU coach Jimbo Fisher potentially finish the job.

Kansas St @ Oklahoma, FOX

For the time being, the Wildcats appear to be having around against Oklahoma. Go forget about the fact that the Eagles can’t move the football with some B12 action.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State, ABC

Go watch the one who got away coach the Buckeyes against the Badgers. Surely no one else could be having an abysmal offensive da- oh Wisconsin is struggling too?

UConn @ NC State, ESPN3

Look, at this point the only chance BC has of winning a game this year will be against UConn. Go scout, I guess?

Spend time with your family

Life is short. Go spend time with your loved ones. Preferably not watching a team that can’t move the football on offense.