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Boston College Men’s Hockey Roster Countdown: #21 Oskar Jellvik

2021 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Michael Penhollow/NHLI via Getty Images

Name: Oskar Jellvik

Number: 21

Class: Freshman

Position: Forward

Hometown: Täby, Sweden

Prior to BC: BC Interruption will have to open our hearts to Finland’s rival this year, as the Eagles bring in Swedish freshman Jellvik. Jellvik has spent the past few seasons playing for Djurgårdens in his home country, recording 55 points in 41 games last season. He was second on his team in points, assists (29), and goals (26).

Previously at BC: N/A

Season Outlook: It can be more difficult to predict how overseas players will adjust to NCAA play, since college hockey fans have less context for the leagues these players come from. But based on Jellvik’s stats, his scouting reports, and the fact that he was drafted by the Bruins in the 5th round of 2021’s NHL Entry Draft, it seems likely that he could be a really solid player for the Eagles, in the vein of our previous Finnish contingent. I wouldn’t expect him to make an immediate impact, since he’ll have the biggest adjustment to make, but he’s a player to keep an eye on as the season progresses.