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Football Link Roundup: Jurkovec slams Brian Kelly; BC depth chart for Rutgers released

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 20 Florida State at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Phil Jurkovec slams Brian Kelly:

The Boston College-Notre Dame matchup is always a little spicy at least from a BC perspective... will this make things a little spicier on Notre Dame’s end? Phil Jurkovec had a lot to say to the Boston Globe’s Trevor Hass about his experience at Notre Dame.

Jurkovec said Kelly tried to ease their worries by assuring them he would talk to Jurkovec.

“Kelly basically lied to their faces about what he would do, how he would talk to me and explain things about the future,” Jurkovec said. “He basically lied to my parents, so after that, they were done with him.”

He also grew frustrated with the coaching at Notre Dame.

“It wasn’t as much about how they treated people — because I think they also treated people very badly, very poorly, some of the coaches there — but it was more about their lack of experience and coaching,” Jurkovec said.

Of course, now that Kelly is himself gone from Notre Dame, maybe nobody there will take much offense to these comments.

He did have some more general comments about his time at Notre Dame, referred to as his dream school:

“I was disappointed by some stuff while I was there,” Jurkovec said. “The football team and culture is not what people think it to be. I met a lot of great people. They do a lot of good in the world. It’s a mixed bag. I’m glad I went there, and I’m glad I left.”

Jurkovec said he’s felt like a new man since arriving on the Heights... here’s hoping his final season here sets him up for success.

Boston College depth chart has no real surprises

Our friend AJ Black over at Eagle Insider breaks down the BC depth chart for week one.

There aren’t many surprises. Lots of “OR”s.

One of the more intriguing positions is linebacker, where Black notes a redshirt freshman may get the start, and a true freshman is also on the radar:

At linebacker, watch out for Jaylen Blackwell, a redshirt freshman who not only made the two deep, but is listed as an “or” to start at SLB. But I think it looks like BC will go with four linebacker depending on the situation, with Kam Arnold, Bryce Steele and Vinny DePalma all seeing the field. True freshman Sione Hala remains an intriguing option as well.

SBN’s Syracuse blog previews BC:

Check out Troy Nunes is An Absolute Magician’s BC preview.

Their verdict?

This is one of the few games on the SU calendar where they really should be favored. BC’s offense will be better this season, but other than Flowers is there enough to overcome the strong Syracuse secondary? A late November matchup like this should feel the full effect of the New England winter, with windy conditions giving Syracuse the advantage in a trench battle. And if the Orange are in a “win-and-in” situation like I think they will be, then you can confidently mark this one down in the win column.

We’ll see!