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Boston College fans recall worst/most painful losses

Yesterday, we had a fun little conversation about the BC Sports Mt. Rushmore. BC fandom being BC fandom, it didn’t take long for the conversation on social media to veer in to the negative:

Of course there’s really just too many of these for a “Mt. Rushmore” -

It’s true, everyone has bad losses in their past, but it does feel like Boston College has elevated it in to an art form. Even just in recent years, we’ve had all kinds:

-The loss when you’re a favorite to win it all (lacrosse, 2019; women’s hockey, 2016)

-The loss when you managed to upset the favorite, then lose in the final game to the surprise team (lacrosse, 2018; modified version, football, 2004)

-The heartbreaking loss when you come so, so close to springing the upset but something horrible happens (women’s hockey, basically every year from 2007-2015; football once every two years; many, many such examples)

-Losing on a heartbreaking play in OT/the final seconds of a big game (men’s hockey national championship games in ‘98, ‘06, ‘07...)

And many more!

So BC fans took to the @s and the comments to share theirs:

Didn’t take long for the reactions to roll in:

Plenty of others discussed in the group chat:

  • The 2006 ACC men’s basketball final - a very late, close loss to Duke - made more painful in retrospect by not having made it back
  • Boston College baseball losing the longest game in history in 25 innings in the NCAA tournament
  • Wake 3, BC 0
  • The Kansas Game
  • The 2009 men’s Hockey East championship game, giving up three goals to BU in about a minute to basically end BC’s season
  • The first Pinstripe Bowl (I know it wasn’t the most important game of all time or anything, but all the circumstances of it...)

I’m sure you have many more we missed, so let the sadness out....