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ACC Unveils New Football Scheduling Format, Boston College to Meet Miami, Pitt, and Syracuse

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

A new era is arriving. Gone will be the days of the Atlantic and Coastal, constantly playing (and losing to) Clemson, and rarely seeing other programs. The ACC introduced a new scheduling model that will start for the 2023 season. The new 3-5-5 format will see each school play three primary opponents every year (talk about forging a rivalry), and then the remaining ten over the course of a four year span, each school playing every other home and away once, and the primary opponents twice.

Here’s a handy graphic featuring each team’s opponents.

The new super division will begin in 2023. The top two teams based on conference winning percentage will then compete in the ACC Championship Game on the first Saturday in December in Charlotte.

BC’s 2023 slate will start us at home against Miami and on the road for Pitt and Syracuse for the primary rivals. As for the rest of the conference, Florida State, UVA and Virginia Tech will be home for the Eagles, and they’ll go on the road for Georgia Tech and Louisville

The ACC also went so far as to announce the scheduled opponents in 2024 and 2025 as well. 2024 will bring Syracuse and Pitt home to go with Clemson and Wake Forest. Then Miami on the road, alongside Duke, Florida State, and UNC. In 2025, BC gets Miami back at home, Georgia Tech, Louisville, and welcome back NC State. On the road, they go back to Pitt and Syracuse, as well as UVA and Virginia Tech.

We outlined some scenarios we hoped to see a little while back, and it seems like the ACC got it right. Virginia Tech was one school many folks were probably pulling for, but hard to argue with any of those selected. The conference clearly wanted to reunite the artist formerly known as the Big East. Leave your thoughts below!