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BC Interruption’s 2021-22 Most Well Rounded Male Athlete of the Year is Marc McLaughlin

Massachusetts v Boston College Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

This season, we’re adding a new category to the BC Interruption awards! The “most well rounded” awards will be given to the two players whose votes were spread across the most categories each year.

This year’s most well rounded male athlete is BC men’s hockey captain Marc McLaughlin. McLaughlin is a fan favorite who has shown great leadership as a 2 year captain, has improved exponentially over his 4 seasons as an Eagle, and was one of the team’s best and most consistent players this season.

McLaughlin was the only BC men’s hockey player to hit 20 goals this season, scoring a team leading 21. He was second on the team with 32 points, just a single point behind Jack McBain. McLaughlin also led BC in power play goals (8), and scored BC’s only overtime goal of the season.

After BC’s season ended, McLaughlin signed with his hometown Boston Bruins. He continued to live on campus after signing, all while proving himself to be an NHL caliber player. McLaughlin scored a goal in his first NHL game, ultimately recording 3 goals over 11 games at the end of the B’s season.