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BC Interruption’s 2021-22 Male Player that Best Embodies the Spirit of a BC Eagle is Zay Flowers

NCAA Football: Boston College at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

“The measure of the success of your education at Boston College is the measure to which people’s lives are richer, fuller, and more genuinely human because you did go to Boston College.” - Father Michael Himes

It’s safe to say that with just a simple glance of the infectious smile on his face, Zay Flowers has already had an incredible level of success at Boston College.

For so many reasons, Zay Flowers is our pick for this award. His achievements on the field speak for themselves — All-ACC teams, 2000+ total yards, a game-winning touchdown catch, and all leading up to a projected high end NFL Draft pick come next year. Despite a season where he found himself raising his hand wide open down the field, Flowers didn’t flinch or sour. He stayed true and always pumped up his guys despite the affect on his, and the team’s output. Beyond that, it’s his success off the field we’re here to shine a light on.

A story from this offseason confirmed everything about how Flowers truly embodies the spirit of a BC Eagle. Flowers received multiple six-figure NIL offers to simply transfer to another program. Many others have been finally reaping the rewards of their success, and no one could have really blamed him for taking a deal. He’s accomplished so much at BC and it was fortunate he even chose to return to the Heights for his final season in the first place. But he chose to stay loyal to his teammates, coaches, and everyone, completely understanding what it means to hold a BC degree.

“For a kid like me from a household of 14 with one parent, that’s life-changing money. I talked to Coach Hafley and we went through what was going on. I talked to my dad. My dad would love me to stay at BC, and I wanted to stay at BC. It was a decision I had to make, and the decision I made was to come back to school . . . That just shows I believe in loyalty and shows my father is thinking ahead for my future.”

Show this man your love the next time you see him out on the field or anywhere. We’re lucky to have someone like him donning and continuing to don the maroon and gold on an ever-growing stage.