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Phil Jurkovec Lands New NIL Deal

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College quarterback Phil Jurkovec announced some exciting news for himself in the NIL world earlier this week. Boston-based McGovern Auto Group has partnered with Jurkovec and handed over the keys to an Audi S7. The newly graduated man has himself a diploma and a sweet new ride. Happy graduation Phillip!

McGovern Group sure loves their Eagle football stars. A few months back, Zay Flowers was seen sporting a new BMW. The duo will look to reach new Heights this coming season, all the while donning some beautiful cars. In addition, next week, Flowers and Jurkovec will be hosting a training camp with kids from grades 5-12 as part of a deal with Vantage Sports. We sure hope to hear more about the new NIL deals for these guys and the rest as we get closer and closer to football season.

Happy Reunion Weekend to all those who celebrate. Go Eags!